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  • Farzlepot 10 Sep 2012 19:33:11 54 posts
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    I think it may stem from simply holding it in my hands (occasionally arms).

    No device has ever felt so perfect. Aside from corporate decisions like memory cards, I simply can't fault it. From the solid feel when you first pick it up, to the beauty of looking at that perfectly-proportioned, gorgeously vibrant LED screen, and all of the controls in between, no piece of hardware has ever felt so meticulously crafted.

    I've been playing Rayman Origins recently. It has stolen me away from Skyrim; no mean feat. I don't think I'd have rated it so highly if I'd played it on some other console. There's just some X-factor that can't be described. All I know is, every skeptic out there merely needs to hold the device in their hands to fall in love with it, and it's a crying shame that the price (you do get what you pay for I suppose) is so high for most people at the moment.

    You did say to carry on.
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