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    Big week for games this week in Japan.

    Just tried EDF3 - it's EDF alright! Controls translate well to the Vita, though the aiming is still a bit twitchy - a problem on the 360 version, too. The graphics are noticeably lower quality (especially on things like the trees and the Foreigners themselves, the ants look like they've lost a lot of weight suddenly or something!) but the framerate is much higher and it runs at native res, albeit without AA. In the first mission it didn't even start dropping frames until the final encounter, and to be honest I breathed a sigh of relief when it did! Rigid body physics are still in effect and still as stupidly satisfying as ever. After the otherwise competent Insect Armageddon had enemies vanishing 0.00001 seconds after death, this is much better.

    Loading is much better than 360, but it is still enough to be annoying after cutscenes and the like. There's no way to select the Pale Wing immediately, but the manual says she unlocks "as you go through the game" so hopefully it won't be too much of a pain.
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