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    The Mighty Rose has Uncharted Golden Abyss on his 4gb memory stick, Dynasty Warriors Next and Unit 13 on his 8gb memory stick and Gravity Rush, MGS HD and Lbp vita on his 32gb memory stick.

    Now with all that in mind how big is the shopkeepers nose?

    My problem, well let's be honest I have a lot of problems, is that I have no internet connected PC or ps3 which means I cannot back anything up or transfer it. I have found rather worryingly that when I have fully powered off my vita and switched memory sticks that my vita will freeze around about the 38-41 percent mark when it is updating my information on starting it up again. Now the only way to rectify this is to do what it tells you not to: power off the vita. This corrupts my profile and rebuilds it again, however, this only takes a few minutes and there does not seem to be any lasting damage as all pics, vids and music etc are all still there and work fine and all my game saves for the games on that particular stick seem to be ok as well.

    I really wish the system was like the psp in terms of being able to do things offline as it made things a lot easier in terms of moving videos and music etc.
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