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    No F1 2011 Vita thread? Love love love the console versions despite the bugs - what's the Vita version like?
    Personally i  preferred the Vita version. It has a more chuck the car where you want it feel. Though less realistic i found it to be more fun
    Right, been playing F1 2011 a fair bit. It's good, I like it, handling is less realistic than the console versions but feels good.

    But it has one almost fatal flaw... the AI is terrible! It's on the hardest setting, I have all driving aids turned off (except manual gears, I'm not a contortionist) - and I won the Aussie GP in my lowly Lotus by 6 seconds over 5 laps... :(

    What a shame, how hard can it be to code slightly faster AI?! May have to try manual gears and forsake DRS and KERS or something.
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