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    vizzini wrote:
    Great news about DOA5, really hoping VF2 arcade version is also for the Vita.


    You can cancel the feature before it kicks in, unless your console was to breakdown.


    But it is does seem completely illegal in the UK, how these service can take money by such stealth means without needing explicit authorization from the user.

    Granted PSN is excellent value in what it offers, but I was happy to let my 3month sub expire, as I'd only subscribed to get round a DRM save file situation when I changed HDDs, and was massively irritated by it automatically taking 12 out of a 30 PSN card I preloaded to buy games or rent films, even though automatic wallet funding was disabled.

    Regardless of whether this type of crap is considered legal in the US with Live/PSN, I'm going to be making a formal complaint at some point this year to UK's ombudsman for such matters, to try and get this cowboy issue fixed.
    I'm not sure how it's illegal. The same renewal practice is used by insurance companies who are governed by the FSA. This is certainly not illegal in the UK banking and financial services industry. MS also does the same thing with Xbox Live Gold and that has been running for 10yrs.

    In fact before you can even purchase PS+ there was a big box (only about 5 lines of text) that you had to manually accept before you could complete the transaction, which stated that PS+ would automatically renew and it told you where to go to remove the automatic renewal after purchase. That was in place over 20 months ago.
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