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    @ecureuil Yeah you'll really need the extra space. I have an 8GB memory card and I'm constantly having to juggle content on it. I wanted Odd World Strangers Wrath from PSN as it is on discount at the moment for plus users but it's about 1.5Gb and I don't have the space.

    I think in the long run Sony would have been wiser to offer larger capacity cards and lower the price as it'd enable you to buy and store more. As it is at the moment I'm put off buying much as I don't have the space.

    You can get so many games cheap at the moment as well. I think in my total library I have:

    Little King Story
    Mortal Kombat
    Marvel vs Capcom 3
    Gravity Rush
    Everybodys Golf
    Dynasty Warriors
    Ninja Gaiden

    I hoovered up a load of games when they were around 10-15 but funnily enough I'm playing more PSOne and PSP classics on it at the moment.

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