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    Murbal wrote:
    What's the 'Smart As...' consensus? It's 13 on GAME at the mo:

    It's meh. There's a good reason it's dropped in price after only six weeks on release. John Cleese gets as annoying as the chick in Tumble, if you've ever played that - just repeating the same canned phrases over and over. If you miss a day or two you get a guilt trip when you get back into it again, with Cleese chastising you for not playing it every day.

    The games have to be unlocked to practice by playing the daily challenge thing, which is really annoying because if you're shit at a game what you want to do is practice it.

    Some of the games are royally frustrating, too, such as the game that forms a live puzzle of your face using the front camera. I find this one a total bastard to play because when I'm on the train I'm moving about so it's hard to keep still enough to work out what the hell is going on.

    There's a game where you have to draw letters on a blackboard to spell out a word and another where you do the same but with numbers to answer a given sum. The input recognition is appalling, though - my Palm pilot did a better job ten years ago than Smart As does. So you'll get fucked over and lose points for putting in the wrong answer when it wasn't your fault.

    With some letters it recognises upper case every time and with others it has to be lower case. Sometimes you'll have to re-draw the same letter a bunch of times to get it to recognise it and that wastes time, affecting your score.

    I played it for about two weeks and the second week was only to justify buying it, but I'm unlikely to go back to it now.
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