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    dominalien wrote:
    addyb wrote:
    Never played Shinobido 2 as im put off by all the negative reviews.
    santashi will want a word with you about that. :-)
    I certainly do. :D It's a great game that has a real spark to it.

    I can't actually remember what the negativity actually was, now. I think the graphics were knocked, but they were perfectly passable (or lovely in Kaede's case ahem).

    The combat is the weakest point, but save for a few (and there are very few of these) boss fights (which generally work well enough in the time-honoured work-out-the-pattern, smack them a few times then work out the new pattern way), you're really missing the point of the game, and of being a ninja, if you run up to people and try to take them on head on. The only time you ever really do this is when you lay an explosive then show yourself to trick an enemy into running over it.

    And you'd have to be completely insane to take on a pack of huge bears openly. :p

    To conclude: the stealth is the main part of the game and is both hugely satisfying and great fun, and Kaede is very pretty.
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