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  • Deleted user 22 January 2013 13:07:04
    binky wrote:
    binky wrote:
    Guys can anyone recommend a fun RPG for someone that usually doesn't do RPGs?

    By that, I mean I enjoy the westernised versions and adventure games like Zelda, Fable, but always fancied trying a more RPG-y RPG but every time I try (FF13 on 360, Lost odyssey) I've found them hard to crack into. I think I'm over my phobia of turn based battles (used to hate those, but enjoyed the ones in Paper Mario 1000 year door for instance).

    Anyway, my point being - the Vita might be the place for me to indulge.
    I'm the king of bottom-of-the-thread-updates. Bumping for new page advice :)
    I hear Alundra is supposed to be the best Zelda sequel that never was. PS1 Classics, about 4
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