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    elstoof wrote:
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    I'm think of taking the plunge and buying a 32GB card, my 16Gb one is just too small, I'm constantly having to delete stuff.....so whats the deal?
    Is it easy enough to run with two? i.e. Leave 16Gb worth of games on one card and start filling the other one up. Is it a straightforward process of just switching cards when required?
    Nope, it's a pain in the arse. The machines locks in with whatever memory card you're using so to swap them around you need to reset the vita and go through the set up all over again. If you've got a ps3 or a pc however, it's a piece of piss to back up games and shit to that and transfer stuff back and forth to the memory card which is why a 16gb is just about enough for me. It would be nice to have double the space but really, how many games do I need on there at one time exactly?
    Cheers Elstoof, hmm! Pain in the are then. I've been using the method for of backing up to PC and PS3, guess I'll just stick to that!
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