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    @crispyduckman Ah ok, it must be then, as I'm pretty sure Tarqaron is the final dungeon. I did have a brief look inside when I first got there and it looked like it'd be pretty long. Cheers for the heads-up.

    @santashi It would be so much more convenient! At the very least we can hope for Innocence and Hearts to be localised. There seems to be a bit more focus on EU releases from Bamco recently, what with Abyss 3DS getting a couple of reprints, Vesperia suddenly becoming available again (meaning I bought it twice!) and the Day One Ed of Graces f, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed we'll see them. Eventually.

    *finger cramp*

    I agree about Yuri, he's probably one of my favourite jRPG protagonists. I don't think there are any weak characters in Vesperia, now that I come to think about it.
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