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    @santashi I might hunt that down one day :p

    They do look really well-made! I've come so close to ordering the Rita one a few times.

    Thanks for the impressions :) Random encounters just seems a bit strange in relation to the series.

    santashi wrote:
    ...and weirdly still taller than his girlfriend even when kneeling down...
    I'm getting flashbacks to Snow and Serah from FFXIII from that, heh.

    As for the textures, I watched a lot of videos of it a while back and I did notice it looked pretty basic. The original was a DS title, wasn't it? TotA's textures were also pretty flat (and some of the clockwork animation in cutscenes was atrocious!), so hopefully the usual 'Tales of' charm/battle system fun is there.

    Having said that, it's a different team isn't it?
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