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    Widge wrote:
    FFX is great (notice how much it is like the first half of FFXIII though).
    I'd say pretty much the entire structure of both games is very similar - follow a straight line until reaching a large open plain 3/4 of the way through where there's lots of extras to do (Calm Lands in FFX, Gran Pulse in XIII). Obviously, X has a lot of extra stuff to do over XIII along the way, and you can backtrack. Plus, you get to select areas from a menu-based world map later on. Their basic structures overall are very similar though, IMO. Not surprising, considering the top people behind both games (and also considering the fact that the two numbered games in-between were made by different teams).

    I love FFX though, it's one of my favourite FFs, and I can't wait to play it again. Also: that soundtrack.

    EDIT - Also, all this talk of Stranger's Wrath is tempting me. I have it on PC, from when the Oddbox launched on Steam, so I shouldn't buy it again, should I..?

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