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    santashi wrote:
    Thanks Darren! I liked the fast paced madness of the first one so more of the same isn't a bad thing.
    Destructiod gave this 5.5/10: http://www.destructoid.com/review-ninja-gaiden-sigma-2-plus-246378.phtml

    They complained about the framerate: it's 30 fps but not consistent like the first PS Vita game (not that I've noticed), lacks the Japanese voice-overs (doesn't bother me at all and I suspect it was dropped to keep the game a reasonable size as there are lots of FMV cutscenes) and online co-op (again, not something that interests me anyway). I think the game is terrific myself and very playable and fun. This is the kind of thing you just cannot play on a tablet or mobile and it does a damn fine job of feeling and playing like a full cream console game IMO.

    Shame it doesn't seem to be selling well... I didn't see it anywhere in this week's Top 40 for example. Dead or Alive 5 Plus is out in three weeks; it'll be interesting to see if they target 60 fps for that one seeing as it is pretty much essential for a beat 'em up.
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