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    aros wrote:
    Buy one Malignant - it's the best gaming purchase I've ever made.

    I'm still waiting on a white Vita though, as I don't like seeing finger marks. :redface:

    It's the main reason why I bought the white Wii U.

    Plus I like using the video out mode on my PSP, thus I'm hoping a future Vita revision will include this too.

    If they never release a white Vita then maybe I'll have to bite the bullet and get the bundle from the US, which had the white version with AC:Liberation.

    In the mean time my handheld love is currently devoted to both the PSP and 3DS. I've just recently bought a ton of RPGs for both the DS and PSP. Although I had to buy every single one of them from the US, as the prices over here are insane (there's an Amazon seller asking for 195 for the DS game Infinite Space) :eek:

    So irritating that 3DS titles are region locked, I can see that becoming a real problem in the future.
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