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    Yeah it's so annoying when an Amazon seller's interpretation of stock quality is vastly different to yours. :mad:

    I very rarely buy used games (because of these reasons) but when I have no choice (i.e. Gamecube games) I always buy from the Amazon seller called 'Chillout Games'. There are too many Amazon sellers who provide generic item descriptions but this guy actually gives a proper individual inspection of each game and more importantly is incredibly honest too. Nearly all of my best used games purchases have come from him. :cool:

    For me the worst offenders are the sellers who sell fake DS games (I've been caught out 3 times). Although it's even worse when the seller doesn't agree with you (even though there are lots of spelling errors on the back of the box, the shiny gold Nintendo logo is not shiny and orange, and the print quality is really poor). :mad:
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