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  • Deleted user 8 October 2013 21:17:58
    LockeTribal wrote:
    Dragon Quest 8 would surely be ripe for a Vita port/HD remake wouldn't it? It was a fairly nice looking game to begin with if my rose-tinted memory is in any way accurate.
    Yeah, I'd love to see a HD remake of Dragon Quest 8. Great character.The cel shaded looks could make for an easy transfer. Maybe Square will be looking at how FFX HD sells before going with another hd remake on the vita.

    Aside from Persona 4 I think that the vita could always do with another few NEW rpgs though. Remakes are all well and good but a few new ones would be great.

    Aside from that there seem to be some great games coming out at the moment like Proteus as well as the eventual ports of Minecraft and Terraria. Who knows what could be in the pipeline for next year as well!

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