#5155453, By Murlphalus How many PS3s are failing?(YLOD, traffic light of death)

  • Murlphalus 26 Aug 2009 16:19:23 4 posts
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    Guys...Go back to your retailer and tell them it is not fit for purpose. Stick to your guns and they will fold, at least Game and Gamestation do.
    At first they asked me if I had the extended warranty (no) and they said nothing doing then. Then I said under EU rules it was not fit for purpose and the said no problem take it to my retailer and they would change it...the event found a copy of my receipt for me. They were great.
    Yes I have lost all my data and I traded a 60G Mk1 for an 80Gig version but at least Iím still here playing.
    Failing that go to Watchdog, Playstation is just about to start a massive advertising campaign and wonít want the negative publicity. Keep at it and spread the word.
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