#5779227, By SlightlyMagic How many PS3s are failing?(YLOD, traffic light of death)

  • SlightlyMagic 2 Feb 2010 00:14:34 52 posts
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    Bah, my launch 60GB machines packed in. Switched itself off with a flashing red light, and just powered off straight away when I switched it back on. Took it out of the rack and left it to cool for an hour, but when I tried it again I got a YLOD :(

    I have a week old backup on an external HD, but I take it any copy protected saves won't restore back to a new console or a refurb if I send it to Sony? I'd be tempted to try the hairdryer trick and then doing a data transfer to a new slim if it means saving my Demon's Souls progress.
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