#7588948, By Nitrous How many PS3s are failing?(YLOD, traffic light of death)

  • Nitrous 19 Jun 2011 19:34:35 1,649 posts
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    And another one bites the dust 60GB PS3 2007-2011 bought from woolworths in an easter weekend deal. My uncle did the reflow fix, it worked for a few minutes before YLOD again!

    Didn't want to strip it again so did the hairdryer trick:

    Its stayed on long enough for me backup my game data and I'm amazed that its still working (sort of)

    The RJ45 port is dead so no wired internet connection
    The wireless network card is dead so no wifi connction
    The rear of the machine is all melted/bent
    The bluetooth appears to be shot to so having to use the charge cable for the DS2

    In short its finished, will be waiting for a deal to come along on the slim's
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