#8907384, By rechercheone How many PS3s are failing?(YLOD, traffic light of death)

  • rechercheone 3 Aug 2012 13:36:35 19 posts
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    My Phat PS3 died in June 2012. Had had it since June 2009. Upgraded Skyrim to 1.05. Had Corrupt Data twice. Did a clean install. Success. Fired it up planning to play Skyrim and at the introductory game screen, the thing went beep, the Red Light of Death came on, the machine shut down and I was never able to get it to turn it on again.

    Was it coincidental or did the borked Skyrim which kept freezing my PS3 pack it in finally?

    Incidentally, I bought a new 30xxA Slim 160GB yesterday. Downloaded Skyrim 1.05. Had Corrupt Data again.
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