#4459325, By Isere Poll: Killzone 2 Controls, Fine or F**ked

  • Isere 3 Mar 2009 23:20:25 61 posts
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    The controls are perfectly responsive but there is little aim assist or sticky aim when you're not shooting from the hip. What that means is that you have to rely on your own aiming instead of the game helping you get the kill. It doesn't give you that last 10% when you've moved your aiming reticle 90% of the way towards the enemy.

    Furthermore, the whole game is designed around that. It would've been a problem in COD4 or Resistance games with enemies bumrushing you (both those games to my knowledge do have aim assist and sticky because that suits the style of those games).

    In this game you're supposed to use cover while shooting at enemies hiding behind cover, its slower paced and IMO the controls add to the gameplay rather than detracting from it.

    I realize that the design choices may not appeal to everyone and this issue has certainly been getting a lot of coverage so I hope that for the sequel, the developers add optional features and don't entirely replace the way it controls now.

    edit: Reading the post above, i'd say its more of a 'horses for courses' thing.
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