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    ModishNouns wrote:
    tinners wrote:
    Ok I'm at the crossroads ppl does this warrant a purchase?

    Loved the first one with all the flaws and quite fancy some Texas Holdem and driving around beautiful vistas, just the whole toy car statements and problems are holding me back from a 40 quid venture

    It's hard to recommend it, to be honest. It is brilliant, though :)

    I think if you liked the first one, you're not expecting a Forza/GT driving model and you're interested in all the other stuff that TDU brings, you're probably going to like it.

    Can you rent it first?

    Edit: For any that are going to rent: you need to give it a few hours. It's definitely a grower.

    I could rent it but given the natre of the game and sheer size I think it's an all or nothing venure :)

    I'm close to breaking tbh, sometimes you just wanna cruise around and find a good road like those lucky gits in top gear, and gamble!
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