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    I read Saga of the Exiles as well - ages ago now, don't remember much about it other than I enjoyed it, but I do remember getting really mad over the pronunciation guide (which notated all the short 'o' sounds as 'ah' in American style, e.g. Nodonn as 'No-DAHN'). Short and not very interesting anecdote for you there.

    Fionavar Tapestry is okay but balls compared to Guy Kay's other stuff. A Song for Arbonne had me in bits like a big girl.

    Mieville - great. Finished The Scar not long ago, even better than Perdido Street Station (and not as endlessly depressing either).

    Anyone else read Steven Brust? Just finished the first few Taltos books, pretty good if a bit lightweight, almost criminally easy to read - didn't realise there were about 20 more of the bloody things though.

    And I just can't see the 'Rape' thing at all, sorry :)
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