#4480402, By Pinewood_Groves Resident Evil 5: A few questions.

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    DUFFMAN5 wrote:
    Morning chaps/Ladies
    Sorry for new thread about this one, but I'm very interested in your thoughts re the points below, and I didn't want the post to get lost in the main Resi thread.

    Just out of interest guys

    A. Do you think it was a good idea going with co-op
    B. Would you keep this system for all future Resi games
    C. Have you already got a partner lined up to play, all will you play "blind" over Live or did you always intend to play singular style.

    A. I think co-op is a good idea, but I think it ONLY being co-op is a very bad idea, especially when the CPU partner AI is so bad.
    B. See A. 2-player co-op good, 1-player co-op with AI bad.
    C. If I do get the game sometime when it's cheap, I will ONLY play it 2 player with a friend, probably my flatmate. I wouldn't EVER play it 1 player (again) or 2 player with a random.
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