#9825650, By CharlieStCloud New Riddick Movie IS coming!

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    It was ... okay. Not quite as bad as I thought it'd be, thankfully.

    The best parts are when Riddick is more or less on his lonesome, in which Vin Diesel holds his own for a good half hour, a bit like Will Smith in 'I am Legend'.

    Once the marines/soldiers turn up however, I kind of felt like I wanted them all to die fairly swiftly and let Riddick go back to continuing his journey.

    One character in particular was so egotistical to the point that I was tired of the film itself. There are just some really unnecessary scenes with the group of mercenaries too.

    As the last fifteen minutes come into view, the action is quite good, harking back to the original in places, but all in all, it felt like 'just another day at the office' for Riddick. A shame they didn't explore Riddick as a character (any further) and it could be the final one in which it'll be a bit of a ho-hum way for the series to go.

    A generous 5/10, me thinks.
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