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    Xardan wrote:
    So im about 7 hours into my second playthrough and i am astounded by how much stuff i missed.

    I'm just running around exploring every nook and cranny and its great. I'm hearing new lines from gnomes and even everyday citizens, and of course Jasper (who is no longer mute).

    It's such a lovely game world and taking time to explore and appreciate it is a must i think.

    I felt that the game's main narrative really pushes you on and on and it doesn't always feel like you can just drop the main quest and look around. It's like a long car journey with only two toilet breaks allowed, at designated times.

    On my second playthrough, for instance, I think I played for about five hours between leaving Reaver's party and attending the King's announcement. On the first playthrough, it feels like you have to go straight there.
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