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    So I just finished this... I wasn't considering buying the game so soon but my old 360 gave me the finger and was out of warranty 4 months ago, so I bought a slim fable 3 pack after christmas. I have to say the ending REALLY disappointed me, the one thing I really liked about 2 was how intrigued I was left by Theresa demanding you to leave the spire as it was hers now, but there seems to be no mention of it (apart from a silhouette on the horizon somewhere that I suppose is the Spire, I think it's from Driftwood you can see it). This story seems like the smaller picture of the 3 games. Gameplay-wise... well, what a shame. Everything is too easy. Not that it was the hardest thing to do in 2, but you had to hit up the green zone when doing expressions. Now you just hold the button. Combat is nearly broken by unlimited use of magic, I must admit I only used melee and firearms to get the achievements, otherwise I'd have been spamming fireball+shock the whole game.

    As the review in this site mentions, it's still got Albion, and that is what makes it worth it playing. But I wish I felt more connected to other things. Even Reaver, despite being a jackass, was likeable in the second game, and now he's just there so there is someone to push you to the dark side (and does not do a great job at it). He's still fun to hear though, but I guess the merit goes to Stephen Fry.

    I think Lionhead should make a piece of DLC related to the main story. One worth it, for a change.

    I wrote a lot more than I thought I would.
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