#4493034, By Stegofreak Which game should I get?

  • Stegofreak 11 Mar 2009 18:50:01 57 posts
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    All three of them can be really annoying I've found. Fallout 3's problem was its 'You can go where ever you want...but you probably shouldn't go here, here, here or here just yet' attitude. But maybe I'm the kind of person who likes nice liniar games.

    Mirror's Edge on the other hand is as liniar as they get. As Hunam said above, it is an aquired taste. If you get everything flowing right though it is an extremely enjoyable game.

    Haven't had a chance to play Farcry 2 yet but a mate of mine seems to jump between "it's awesome" and "it's the most annoying game ever" (sort of how I feel about Killzone 2.)

    Ultimately I'd say scrap them all and get Resistance 2.
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