#9044613, By Resident Evil 6

  • Deleted user 30 September 2012 23:55:44
    So basically does it boil down to "too many cooks spoil the broth" with each campaign being a homage too something earlier in the series.

    Leons seemingly echoing Resident Evil 2 Jake's one seems to ape the tension of three with the Ustanak/Nemesis Jr who I have to say I like the design of and Chris's being probably the least Resident Evil of them all yet the one with one of the longest running characters.

    In all likeliness I still think I'm going to pick this up as at the end of the day Resident Evil for me was always about the monsters.One could argue that it hasn't being a survival horror since Code Veronica /or if you want to include them the Outbreak games on the PS2/. Since 4 I've still enjoyed blowing the crap out of weird monsters but the jumps got replaced with weird spanish midgets, cornball dialogue a good thing in my opinion and to be honest lack lustre design after 4 . It's hard calling RE6 Survival Horror with the wealth of titles on PC like Amnesia, Lone Survivor,Anna as well as other ones emerging. Even Dark Souls is closer to a survival horror experience where you have the fear of losing progress/souls, only having 1 Estus flask in a new area, the arrival of a black phantom and well pretty muh half the game. Especially New Londo Ruins. Brr 4 kings.

    I'm no a fan of how CO-OP was/is forced on us in RE5 and RE6 but if it tanks at least it'll be nothing but a distant memory. After all isn't Shinji Mikami making a return to survival horror soon as well as other new stuff, and there's the even more terrifying Silent Hill game coming out on Vita that makes Gran Turismo look like a better survival horror.

    Still gonna call a 6 for the EG review though. And the hoodie you get is probably the scariest thing about the game I mean

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