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    I've been playing with the missus and we can't really get into it. I loved RE5 for what it was (very good fun in co-op) but I'm finding RE6 to be quite a mess.

    The "bosses" are shit - very often I'll have no idea if what I'm doing is "right" (should I shoot it until something happens? should I try to find something to help me overcome it? should I just wait for the next cutscene to start?).

    I've been killed a couple of times by unavoidable things, namely the ambulance and a fire truck (I think). They just come out of nowhere at full speed and send you back to the latest checkpoint. That's just terrible design.

    The story... what story? Helena had been telling me for two (!) chapters that she would explain everything after reaching the cathedral. I have NO idea why I should be following her. I have NO idea who she even is. I have NO idea what actually happened (I mean "how" ) to the president. All I'm being given is some tiny bits of information every now and then that don't even answer anything. Who's this Simmons guy? Why should I care about him? Who's Ada Wong? (haven't played RE2)

    I feel like I've missed a very important introduction cutscene or something. Does the game really just start with the president in Leon's Campaign? Why is he even on this campus? When was the virus released? Why are the main characters apparently immune to it?

    I hate the skill point system. RE5's upgradeable weapons were FINE and felt like it was worth grinding the money (I spent hours maxing out all of them and I miss having the Hydra on my character).

    Oh, and don't patch the PS3 version to 1.0.1 or whatever, or you will most likely end up with a "corrupted save" message at some point (do not delete your save, just remove the patch in the PS3's "Game Data" section and unplug your PS3 from the internet).

    I'm really not getting into this Resident Evil :(

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