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    I thought Leon's campaign was barely ok until that last hour/hour and a half when the final boss ruined everything (for me):

    What. The .Fuck. Zombie T-Rex and giant zombie fly??? Not to mention that QTE where you punch Simmons and that I had to repeat at least 10 times throughout the 5+ stages of that final boss. the T-Rex part took me AGES, I had no idea what I was supposed to do (just shoot all my ammo at it?) and then the jeep part, then the HORRIBLE cable climb QTE, which took me ages too.

    The missus played with me until the end of chapter 2 before letting me finish the campaign (which often felt like a chore). Now she wants to try Jake's campaign but it sounds a lot worse from what I've been reading.

    I thought the negative reviews were exaggerated as they were with RE5 (which I still find to be a very good co-op good game) but what a giant mess RE6 is.

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