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    ltbobby wrote:
    Thinking of getting Resi 6 now its a bit cheaper! Is it really as bad as the reviews make out? Is it any worse than the demo?
    You mean the public demo that was released in september? The full game is much better than that.

    The Leon part of the demo is decent but much narrower in scope and less inspired than the rest of his campaign, and the enemies are just target practice, it's all part of a section of his first chapter that patiently builds up tension in preparation for a payoff that happens long after the demo is over;
    the chris bit is taken from the beginning of his second chapter and brings close to a conclusion the most generic, military shooter-like part of his campaign (which is actually much more varied than given credit for), the enemy AI seems a bit lost at times in this level and their mutations are lame compared to the rest of his campaign;
    and finally the jake sample is just filler from the 4th chapter of his campaign, it shows nothing of the good stuff except for a couple enemy mutations (probably the best part of the demo for experimenting with the new shooting/melee systems, though).

    I really think this game is great, but the only memorable part of the demo is the boss fight near the beginning of chris' sample IMO - a huge, nasty beast that you can terminate very quickly if you play smart.
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