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    I'm probably one of the few that really enjoyed Resi 5. I played it with the wife and really enjoyed the gunplay, the mercenaries and so on. I don't discount the problems alluded to elsewhere but on the whole I loved it (never played single player).

    I'm normally a very forgiving guy and I fucking despised Resi 6. The gunplay is toss with loads of random moving enemies that are hard to shoot. The melee system is awful, something exacerbated by the fact you constantly run out of ammo (they seem to give you gold or some player points all the time despite the fact you have no ammo). The QTEs are far too often and confusing - every time you just keep dying and waiting till you learn what to do then you do it. No satisfaction, just a grind. The upgrade system that was so rewarding has also gone so you can't upgrade your guns (thery have these shit perks which are just gash). It's now just a really bad third person shooter with a terrible cover system and awful design decisions.

    What is most heartbreaking is that the game drips quality and effort in a lot of ways, some great plotlines and loads of cinematics. Whoever directed and made the design choices just wants kicking in the hoop all day long then getting woken up at night and kicked some more.

    Resi 4 was one of my greatest games of all time, I loved resi 5 for the coop, Resi 6 is a fucking abortion. We're back to playing new game plus on Resi 5.

    The other half only likes third person games, but if your brother can do first person then why not go for Borderlands or Left for Dead?

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