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    @gang_of_bitches You know exactly what I meant, how about answering the question instead of dodging it? How many times has a police officer been successfully prosecuted for manslaughter while on duty in the UK?
    I have absolutely no idea. What I do know is that whether the answer is none or a million you can't try people in the context of the actions of other people who happen to share a profession.
    I'm not saying you should try a person because of what others with the same profession have done. The point I was making was that if you're a police officer and you kill someone, you're MUCH more likely to get away with it than a normal person, and when I say "much more likely" I mean that to my knowledge, for all the innocent people that on-duty officers have killed, there has been exactly zero prosecutions...I'd like to know why that is...
    I take it you mean exactly zero successful prosecutions as this was quite clearly a prosecutions.

    Why do police officers "get away with it"? I guess the possible reasons are;

    a) Police know the law.
    b) The CPS go easy on them.
    c) Prosecution barristers go easy on them.
    d) Prosecutions lawyers are low quality.
    e) Jurors don't believe police officers could commit such crimes.
    f) No police officer has ever killed on duty.
    g) The Police Federation can pay for excellent defense council.
    h) These incidents often occur in highly charged circumstances where getting a clear view of accounts is hard.
    i) Fellow officers perjur themselves for the defence.

    Can't think of any others.

    Of those listed I can see all of them being factors except c), e) and f).
    Yes I do mean 'successful prosecution', as stated in my original question to you, which you've just quoted, anyway it seems you're not denying that police officers get away with killing people in circumstances where the average Joe would have been locked up. So I'm not really sure why you were trying to downplay/deny this point earlier.

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