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    gang_of_bitches wrote:

    Pedantry time: You said "prosecutions". This case came about as the result of a prosecution, hence your assertion that there have been zero "prosecutions" is incorrect.

    I'm not saying what would happen to the average Joe at all. I'm talking about possible factors that may lead to an officer not being charged/found not guilty. I don't recall saying there was no difference in the likelihood of a policeman and member of the public being convicted, I'm tired though, feel free to quote and show me up if I did.
    As I had already specified "successful" prosecutions, in the context of this conversation I didn't think I had to keep spelling it out, I thought (perhaps wrongly) that it was clear exactly what I was talking about.

    In regards to you downplaying my assertion that the police seem to be above the law when it comes to killing innocent people, you basically just brushed my comment off, saying "You can't convict people on percentages", which wasn't at all what I was implying was (or should be) the case, you seem very defensive on this subject and perhaps you have your reasons for that but you seem to dance around, dismiss or downplay certain aspects of this discussion. Anyway, no hard feelings, I'm also tired so I'm going to bed.
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