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    Fizzog wrote:
    I was thinking of this the other day and the only conclusion I can come to is it's pointless hosting next gen games as the people who would be able to afford the expensive internet connection required will just go out and buy a proper console!

    I would much prefer it if the they let people play all games from the Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, N64 & Saturn for a fiver a month or so.

    I'd subscribe to that kind of service in a heartbeat!


    They CAN deliver a nice retrogaming service for stuff that isn't taxing on the hardware, but what they promise is flat-out impossible.

    What *I* see happening is what happened with the Phantom. They promise an idea. (Like a marketplace you can buy games on and download them right to your console) they scam investors out of all their money, they go bust, then someone else releases the same service they promised, in a working form, as part of their existing online service (XBox Live, Wii Shop, PSN) and everyone enjoys it.

    The same will happen here. Most likely with XBox Live, allowing users with the HD-less version of the console to use Live Marketplace.
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