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    Singularity wrote:
    Loving this so far (which admittedly isn't too far at all at the moment!)

    I love that my dog has a pipe, and that Yuri holds his sword by the straps.

    The combat, however, hasn't clicked. Am I 'supposed' to get hit, like in turn-based RPGs? Maybe it's just coming from Dark Souls where the combat is so precise, but I feel that the block is super sluggish, and I get hit a fair bit after finishing a combo or general attack. I got a grade of 18.something on the first boss fight, so maybe I'm not being super-rubbish, but I felt that I was getting healed a lot and generally being bent over something by the boss.
    I havent played this yet, bought yesterday but not got the chance.

    How I see it though, is that if you get in a fight then of course you are going to take some damage. Take the old school turn based jrpg's like FFVII. Its impossible to get through a fight without taking damage, thats what healing potions and spells are for. The game would be boring if you got through every fight without taking damage at all.

    This is why I didnt like Ni No Kuni 2. I released I had battled many enemies and hadnt used a single healing potion in hours, I just spammed the attack buttons over and over. It made the game very boring for me.

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