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    Rajin wrote:
    It seems that it'll arrive on monday for me(a dutch/belgium site called dimension-plus)

    I bought Modern warfare 1 when it dropped at 30 euro at some desolated gameshop to see what the fuss is about. I quit enjoyed the singleplayer on very hard and enjoyed the multiplayer(although i was not keen on being owned by full automatic guns at the start, while i had work with a AK47 like some guerrilla soldier)

    The thing I enjoy about the ranking system in the Modern Warfare games is that people who are higher level than you haven't necessarily access to better guns, just a wider variety of play styles. As an example you don't unlock the sniper class until something like level 4 I think, which forces you to spend a few rounds learning to use the basic assault rifles and such first. Plus the fact that the starting weapon (M-16) is widely considered to be the best gun in the game, and certainly the easiest one to use, so as long as you play to your class' strengths you'll do fine.
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