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    The game automatically plays in 1080p on ps3 with a Sony Bravia with all resolutions checked.COD 4 would automatically play in 720p if all resolutions were checked.I would like to know if other people are experiencing the same situation with the same or similar 1080p LCD TVS,cheers
    It shouldn't make much of a difference, the PS3's internal scaler is going to be used either way as it's natively a sub-720p game. The only advantage of it outputting in 720p instead is if your TV has better scaling than the Playstation, which is unlikely.
    Well, COD4 looked shit when output at 1080p on PS3. In fact, I think the PS3 has a shit scaler, does it not? That's why nearly all games output at 720p only, without botherin to upscale. Whereas, on 360 (which has a good scaler), all games will output at (a scaled-up) 1080p....

    I'd say let the tv do the scaling, it can't be any worse....
    Well i played through 75% of the campaign and about 3 hours multiplayer and its actually very smooth,not Wipeout HD smooth but very satisfying.Anyway i appreciate both educated replies.
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