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    I'm playing the SP through again a second time on Hardened (first time was regular difficulty), and I have to say I'm enjoying it a lot more. I found a lot of the levels confusing and annoying the first time through, getting shot a lot and not being able to work out who was shooting me or from where...

    It could just be that this time through I know what I'm supposed to be doing and where I'm going, but I think it could be something to do with the first person hit effects. You play Regular a bit more gung-ho, but IW have been very harsh with the jam on face effect, so it feels like you are being hit all the time and it's harder to work out where it's coming from (even though you can take a lot of damage).

    On higher difficulties you need to be much more careful about using cover, so the extreme hit effects actually make sense, telling you that you can only withstand one or two hits... so you spend more time being careful, working out where enemies actually are. They should have probably toned down the effects for Regular, to give you a better sense of how much danger you're actually in, and of course allow you to see enemies more clearly.

    There are also points where the "set-up" for a level appears to conflict with the gameplay - I really didn't like the Favela level the first time, because I was trying to rush through it (in accordance with what the game characters were telling me) and getting shot from all sides, but second time through I had to be uber-cautious, scuttling from doorway to doorway picking off guys one by one. You had to completely ignore what the buddy characters were saying over the radio, which broke immersion somewhat, but it was great fun as it took on a tense wild west shootout feel.
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