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    I seemed to finish the single-player campaign quite quickly, 2 short evenings of play and its done. Felt like less of a bang per buck than the first one tbh.

    Oh and on the issue of the airport stage: at first i was a bit taken aback but it rapidly descended into ridiculousness and just felt crude - the one scene where one of the gunmen is shooting down over the balcony had me laughing at the whole thing. Imho it added nothing to the game apart from a bit of sensationalist nonsense and could easily have been alluded to rather than turned into a war-porn pantomine.

    Obviously i could have just avoided watching the whole scene but if the piece was well constructed and directed, there would have been no need to offer the option in the first place, it's an 18 rated game after all. But imho the fact they felt compelled to offer the option not to watch shows that they might have felt that ultimately it was just gratuitous and added no real value apart from noteriety.
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