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    TheStylishHobo wrote:
    Like the negative XP glitch, or the odd names glitch, I've never seen the care package glitch on the PS3. Thank god.

    /has memories of sky diver in Gears of War

    The names and XP things aren't glitches, they're modified code running on hacked Xboxes. So no, you won't be seeing those on PS3. Rare though, i've only seen YouTube vids of it.

    Care Package is a true glitch though, like the javelin glitch. You might have come across it and not realised -- unless the whole team us spamming it, you might just think someone's having a good game.

    ronuds wrote:
    5) N00bs have stopped playing, but the vets are left and they will kick your arse ten ways from Friday. Games aren't so fun anymore. :(

    Weeknights seem a bit like this already - most lobbies are full of 2nd, 3rd and 4th prestigers, every one of whom knows every trick in 'The Big Book of Cunty MW2 Tricks'. Weekends seem to bring out a better mix of abilities, which makes it a bit less infuriating.
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