#4559044, By Ferral Right, I'm buying PS3 versions of multi-platform title whenever I can from now on.

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    I have he Falcon revision chipset on my 360 and as soon as games are started it sounds like a jet taking off. However, still love playing on it, just turn the TV volume up a bit and sorted.

    PS3 is near silent running umless I play a BluRay or DVD and hen the fans kick in and its a bit louder.

    Looking at the games, at times the 360 does look a little better. But it is only a marginal difference. Reason why I have both consoles is mainly for the exclusives on each one, then after that it comes down to price. I managed to pick up Bioshock on the PS3 for 15, on the 360 it was a bit more expensive. So I got the PS3 version and paid for the challenge rooms. Win, win for me there!!

    My PS3 does get used for media also, streaming stuff from PC to PS3 saves on discs. I havn't bothered with the wireless adapter for the 360 though.

    My only gripe really with the PS3 is the controllers. I really do prefer the 360 controller over the PS3 ones. I think they just feel more comfortable with he design and layout, also a little heavier which I prefer. Mind you, on the flip side of the coin, PS3 controllers are rechargable, where as the 360 you have to buy the play and charge kits or replace the batteries every few weeks after a few decent play sessions.

    There are pros and cons to each console but it comes down to user preference, graphics differences are really small between the 2 consoles and hardly worth mentioning on newer titles.
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