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    Pirotic wrote:

    I think most parents are too stupid, lets face it, even parents who are quite computer savvy are no match for a teenage boy who wants to see some boobies.

    The best solution I'd have imagined is for ISP's to offer an optional service where if you try to access any port 80 html pages, it brings up a login prompt, if you log-in, it'll whack a cookie on the system and you can carry on happily. If you don't know the login and click guest, it gives you access to an ISP defined white-list of websites. Ideally with parents being able to create accounts for children and being able to tick what sort of content they want on the white list if they want to have a bit more say in it.

    The last Windows Live update I got had something like this, except it forces you to login before you can access the internet at all. Was very fustrating as I had no idea where it came from, it's not clear about what you're supposed to log in to and I couldn't access the interent to find out. Just kept getting a "You need to login page." Had to get a mate to look it up for me on MSN. _
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