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    DDevil wrote:
    Lutz wrote:
    In theory, a 203 watt model could be a Xenon, not just a Zephyr, but it's highly unlikly to find one at retail now.
    Odds on yeah, he's got a Falcon*.

    Xenon - 203w, 16.5a, no HDMI
    Zephyr - 203w, 16.5a, HDMI
    Falcon - 175w, 14.2a, HDMI
    Opus - 175w, 14.2a, no HDMI
    Jasper - 150w, 12.1a, HDMI
    Valhalla - Next one.

    Edit:* I don't think Elites have ever been Zephyrs, and they certainly haven't been Xenons or Opus.

    I want a Valhalla because it sounds cool.

    Yeah... I have a Valhalla. Bow down!

    'Zephyr' is a slightly ironic name for a 360.
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