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    Killcams is a tricky issue. Getting killed by some distant sniper time and time again is really annoying when snipers can be virtually anywhere on the map. You've not got any "senses" to determine where they are and nobody is gonna spot his muzzle flash for you. Even if a team member did shout out "sniper over there...", they might not be heard because they're in a different squad and unable to communicate with you (the targeting system does alleviate this a little, though they still have to make themselves a target in doing so). If snipers were given the abilty to lie prone (god forbid), they'd be impossible to spot without a killcam. In my experience, snipers use the beneficial "edge of map" locations, which is a bit artificial. With a killcam, the team mates might have to protect the sniper and make it more interesting as a team, although, for them, being out of range of the main target area would be really boring. In COD4 I like the killcams, even when I'm sniping - I expect retalliation and try to move or prepare for it (with calymores). Makes it more thrilling - snipers cannot expect to have it all their way, they should expect reprisals.
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