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    Just thought I'd pipe in as a regular EG lurker.

    The problem I find with this game is as soon as I play one round, I play for about 18 hours straight! It's just impossible to put down!

    I'm getting quite good (regularly placing in the top 3) and I'm just loving it. So many classic BF moments happen every time I pick it up, some of them bring tears to my eyes they're so f**king funny. But obviously, as others have mentioned, there are times when I want to scream at some of the retards you get messing around. One example includes me tentatively caring for and repairing my tank after taking some nasty RPG and AT fire, only for some knobber to jump in, drive straight forward into the base and get blown up.

    And I hate to bring up the Apache 'problem' but I really don't see the issue. The Apache is supposed to be a powerful weapon, it's a freakin' attack helicopter! Tank vs Apache fights have been some of the most intense, tactical and downright satisfying moments I've had in an online FPS for years...absolutely brilliant fun and I'd say if they even thought about nerfing the Apache, they'd be ruining a great bit of the game.

    I'd be really up for playing with some of you guys, I'm a quiet type on Live but well up for some good teamwork and having a bit of a crack online! I just can't let my Uni coursework slip due to this bloody demo!

    One more thing, the sound in this game is INCREDIBLE! Puts everything else to shame! Love seeing a tank fire it's cannon in the distance (with a silent poof of smoke) only to hear the shell screaming towards me :D
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