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    DugBriderider wrote:
    VIP Map pack 3 vid

    Link to the video released yesterday VIP Map pack three. Squad Deathmatch on Nelson Bay and Squad Rush on Laguna Alta.

    No big shakes for me, although squad rush is great with the right people. but also the latest patch will be applied to the 360 which is a little more meaningful.

    G3 and Mk14 can now use the AR Marksman specialization. - interesting

    Scoring is now awarded after a player’s death. - suites my lemming play style

    Increased Tickets in Conquest mode and significantly increased Ticket Bleed when holding a majority or more of flags. - about time!

    The Conquest Horn now only plays for a short time when running low on Tickets. - Oh thank the lord

    Armoured Vehicles are now more effective at running over soldiers. - never had a tank road kill before, now I know why. beep! beep!

    sweet. but whats this : M14 with ACOG. OMG!
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