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    uk-kob wrote:
    has any one played onslaught yet? is it worth getting for 7 quid?

    Post from another thread:

    Valli and I had a we blast of this last night. Good stuff all in all. A good challenge and really nice to play the maps we know it different ways. There's a definite pattern to the way the AI spawn so 'learning' each 'run' should be possible. That way, the timed element should become more of an issue / challenge. While we were playing last night we repeated one of the maps a couple of times and managed to knock a minute off the time from one run to the next. There's deffo room for a good squad to have a good crack and really go for 'speed'

    Valli and I were lumped in with a couple of randoms and it's actually a pretty decent way for 'unknowns' to play together and be productive.

    Good good good good, Good good good good, Good good good good, Double double good, double double good*

    Shaun Rider FTW :D
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